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Reserve your table.

Our dining hours are 11am to 3pm for lunch and 5pm to 10:30pm for dinner, Tuesdays to Sundays. We're closed on Mondays. The Dragon needs its rest too.

Hall of Dragons
The heart of the Chamber. Here you will find yourself in the main hall of The Dragon Chamber reminiscent of backroom gambling dens and secret society hangouts. Complete with bar seating and a theatrical view of the wok station.

Dai Lo's Sanctum
Peel back further another layer and you'll find Dai Lo's Sanctum, a cosy space for those seeking more privacy from prying eyes.

Please note:
- No outside food is allowed in the restaurant. 

- Please inform the restaurant if you have any dietary restrictions or allergy and we will try our best to accommodate accordingly.

Reservation Policy:
- The restaurant will impose a $40 amount hold per reservation. 
- Any cancellation within 24hrs or no show after deposit will be charged.

Kindly note that the restaurant has a strict turnaround time of 1h 30 min from your booking timing.

See you at the chamber.

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